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Here are some FAQ's

This is for anyone that is looking to create a passive recurring income which is based online.

You’ll need to be open minded, be able to follow simple instructions and have some goals in mind that you can aim at which will keep you motivated and on track.

The name of the opportunity that you’ll be part of is called Hyperfund. Hyperfund is part of the Hypertech group of companies which is the world’s largest blockchain alliance.

We have lots of due diligence documentation for you to review so before you go Googling just take a look at the next page (Additional Information) where we’ll supply you with all the information you need to carry out your due diligence.

There are several ways to be involved in Hyperfund which will be explained on the next page in a few videos.

You’ll get 3X on your Membership cost in Crypto Reward payments of 0.5% per day starting in 24-hours of purchasing your membership, this creates your passive income.

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you DON’T have to be or become a cryptocurrency expert

you DON’T have to have a monthly overhead budget

you DON’T have to refer a Single Person

you SIMPLY buy a Membership and start earning Cryptocurrency Rewards

AND, while it’s not required, when you share the news of this amazing Blockchain Community with others you can not only rapidly increase how much, you can also increase how fast you receive your Cryptocurrency Rewards.

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