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The Bfree Network

As strong advocates for personal liberty, we encourage “Everyday People” to utilize Blockchain Technology the creation and preservation of true wealth to secure a liberated Bfree Lifestyle. For us achieving a Bfree Lifestyle is not just about having financial independence, it’s about being free Spirituality, Emotionally, Physically, and yes Financially.

The Bfree Network was created as a Hub that systematically interconnects various components, brands, and solutions that aide people in achieving the Bfree Lifestyle.
On the surface it may appear that our focus heavily slanted towards financial matters or objectives. That couldn’t be the furthest from the truth of our vision and objective. However, with our understanding of the essential nature of Money in western capitalist societies, we know that financial well-being must be an intrinsic part of an overall strategy to reach a Bfree Lifestyle. Additionally, we know that in the 21st Information is the “New Money” or certainly the key to procuring money. So, without having the information needed to implement a cogent approach to securing a sufficient financial state of being people never really have the time to develop Spirituality, Emotionally, and Physically because they are forced to spend too much time satisfying the basic financial needs.

With that distinction, we often advocate viable “Buy Your Profits” tactics for creating wealth and then utilizing the same Treasury Reserve Assets Strategies used by many Big Corporations, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Endowment Funds (like Harvard, Yale & Brown), Family Offices, Wealthy Individuals (Millionaires & Billionaires), Banks and now even Countries that are buying Bitcoin (Digital Property) and other Digital Assets for long-term Store of Value to preserve your purchasing power (wealth).

As a Hub the Bfree Network is comprised of numerous brands and “Global Thought Leaders” that advocate for “Everything Bitcoin Related” from a Progressive Capitalism perspective to effectuate varying degrees of liberation for people all over the world.

We look for topics, market trends and social movements in the Bitcoin and the Blockchain Industry to not only discuss amongst our various Hosts (In-House & Guests) where we via our Videocasts we bring fresh unbiased and unscripted opinions in this exciting evolutionary era of Bitcoin/Blockchain Technology, but to also identify ways to utilize these technologies to enable people to simply Bfree and Live the Easy Life.

As part of our Bfree and Live the Easy Life objective, the Bfree Guys are excited to apply their "Buy Your Profits" tactics to the most predictable rinse & repeat platform to grow your Crypto and turn .5% daily Crypto Rewards into a 4,000% Crypto Increase in less than 24-months. For more information click the button below